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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 21, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is tuesday, december 21. gasia is off this week. i am heather holmes. a judge is ordering six of seven defendants to stand trial. the decision came down late today. the brutal attack took place last year in a dark courtyard at richmond high. as christian cap didn't reports tonight the judge dismissed
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charges against one -- christien kafton reports tonight that judge dismissed charges against one defendant. >> reporter: the judge says there is sufficient evidence to proceed to trial for six of those accused of again rape of a 16-year-old girl. >> the next up is for our office to review and determine what charges -- we may file information with fewer chargers or we may add charges. >> reporter: the judge ruled there is not enough evidence to tie the youngest of the accused was just 16 years old . his family reacted with joy. >> i feel good, but i feel angry because they wasted 12 months of my son's life. >> reporter: prosecutors may seek to refile charges but already prosecutors say they have their hands full. three of the men face rape and speaker charges and two more face enhance sexual assault
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charges -- and gang rape charges. they say that at times the prosecution is contradictory. they say that one of the man accused was not involved in the gang rape but would face a sexual assault charge since he was present >> as he realized how drunk she was, he made the right decision to leave her alone and he did leave the scene. >> reporter: the suspects in this case are due back in court january tend to be arraigned. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. we are following breaking news out of oakland where police have found a body in the oakland estuary. the woman's body was found near
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harbor bay highway around 4:30 this afternoon. so far investigators have not released any other details. police say a man shot by officers yesterday had a and the pistol at those officers just before he was killed. they say undercover officers pursued a car following a tip that a group of gang members was planning to shoot members of a rival gang. 19-year-old obataiye edwards was the victim. investigators say edwards ran and pointed a pistol at the officer who opened fire. >> he lost his life and at the same time we have to balance that with we are trying to protect the community. we did everything we could to stop these individuals from killing innocent people yesterday. >> police say they found an assault weapon in the car. one suspect is in custody and
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two others managed to escape. people gathered in. >> to remember homeless people who passed away on the streets this year. jana katsuyama is live with the story. >> reporter: i counted about 60 people at the memorial for the homeless street there was a report released today that has a surprising amount of new data about hunger and homelessness in the city. ♪ >> reporter: at the christmas tree tonight a group with candles for homeless people who passed away this year in san francisco. the u.s. conference of mayors released a report that says the number of homeless people has remained the same as last year. some 35 individuals are in
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emergency shelters and housing units and federal stimulus dollars helps to keep homeless numbers down. >> we are able to get them into housing with a rapid we housing subsidy that was a result of the stimulus funds we receive from the federal government. >> reporter: hunger seems to be on the rise. >> in san francisco this year we have seen an increase in demand for food which is different than we have seen in past years. >> reporter: emergency food requests increased by 31% in the city reported it had to turn away 30% of requests. san francisco distributed more than 41 million pounds of food this year and today they say food lines have grown. >> there is a lot of different people here then used to be here. the line gets longer and longer. >> be pitching for the less fortunate, you know -- we pitch in for the less fortunate, you
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know. >> reporter: donations are year round paid staff say they see many new faces especially veterans, seniors, and families. >> they are not able to stretch the dollars enough to pay rent, medical costs, and whatever else. >> reporter: san francisco is unique because kitchens tend to collaborate, not compete, to save money and share resources to help those in need. you can find more details on this story including numbers for other cities. click the tab on our homepage at another storm is forecasted to grow into the bay area tonight on base, the first day of winter. crews are working to clear storm drains after last
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weekend's rain. a supervisor told us a little hope can go a long way in preventing flooding. >> any help from citizens with cleaning the debris off the tops, it is appreciated. >> oakland has about 20 city employees to maintain 40 miles of creeks. during stormy weather department and residents can help out, if needed. crews hope to repair a leaking levy north of highway 37. the water agency says it is linking to a wetland area and dajuan the two remove and repair about 300 square feet of the levy. we have a crew at the scene and we'll update developments on the 10:00 news. >> the approaching storm has the san francisco international airport bracing for more travel
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delays. sfo saw delays today most notably to chicago, southern california, and london. travelers can expect more delays tomorrow morning and they urge travelers to check with your airline before heading to the airport. we have made easier for you. it is one of the features you can find on american airline says it will stop selling tickets through the orbitz website. they have developed their own system and wants to send more business to its own website. consumer advocates say the downside is travelers will lose the convenience of comparing prices directly. the asian art museum in san francisco announced that it has won a 30 day reprieve from bankruptcy. they are facing a financial crisis and may need to pay $120
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million in bond debt. they have reached an agreement but if they cannot reach an agreement on new terms with their creditors they will have to pay back their loans in five years instead of over the next 24 years. political leaders and residents celebrated news that the cities last fossil fuel power plant has been shut down. state regulators had to allow pg&e time to arrange for backup power. now that the utility has made a connection to the east bay power grid, the portrero plant will go off-line. >> is great to not see that smoke stack >> we can redevelop the area.
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>> the owner said the closure is bittersweet since it means the loss of 30 jobs. the san mateo county board of supervisors is urging san francisco's mayor to take a stand on a measure that would keep residents from getting job done -- getting jobs. san francisco supervisors approved an ordinance last week that would require san franciscans make up half of the workforce by 2016. the mayor has until friday to sign that bill or veto it. a new development tonight on a story we told you last night about a likely carcinogen. that chemical is called hexavalent chromium or chromium six. today california senator barbara boxer and dianne feinstein said they would
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announce a deadline to establish standards for chromium six. the compound has been found in tap water in 31 u.s. cities including san jose. a vicious pit bull attack in san jose. details about the search for the dog and reaction from a neighbor who stepped in to help. the census topped 300 million, but california will not benefit from the surge, at least politically. we are looking for showers to increase tonight did it would be really wet overnight. i will have the latest computer model and we will take a look at live stormtracker 2.
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>> the arrests came one by one
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in a sting operation outside the courthouse this morning. officers targeted people convicted of drunk driving. ten people whose licenses have been suspended or revoked were cut getting into their cars after court appearances. police arrested them and impounded their cars for 30 days. one dot involved in a vicious attack remains on the loose tonight and a second may still be out there. animal control officers says a neighbor save the life of a woman who was attacked. robber honda has the latest -- robert honda has the latest. >> reporter: the victim had just returned home from taking her children to the dentist and she described how the gray dogs blocked her path. >> i do not know what happened. the dog came up to meet. >> reporter: before anyone could move -- >> the dog bit me here.
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i was trying to go up to the car. >> reporter: her neighbor rushed over a. >> the lady was on the ground. >> reporter: he picked up a brick and a rock. >> i was yelling so loud, maybe that stopped them and threw him off. when i got a clear shot, i hit him. and then i hit him again on top of the head. >> reporter: neighbor said just before the attack, the dogs came after her family. >> they were really angry, yeah. they were jumping on the garage door. they were walking around here. >> reporter: animal control officers came to the family
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tonight seen if they could identify a pitbull caught and captured. she looked at the dog shielded from cameras. >> what did you think when you saw it? >> scary. it looks like that one but i don't think it's the collar. >> they said that the dog did not have any marks left by a rock or brick. they plan to have family members come down to the shelter to get a positive identification and will continue their search. and east bay couple is appealing to the public tonight after it -- their schnauzer was found shot in the vets say the dog will make
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it and anyone with information is asked to call animal services. a new rule, the net neutrality regulations, barred companies from blocking users access to websites. some say the rules do not go far enough when it comes to wireless internet which has more limited regulations. others say the rules will discourage companies from upgrading their networks. republicans promised to try to overturn the regulations next year. the banking sector helped drive stocks up to two years high -- to two-year highs. the dow gained 50 points to close at its highest level since the end of august 2008. the impressive results with an 18-point game.
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there are three shopping days left till christmas. toys "r" us is staying open around-the-clock from six this morning until 10:00 p.m. christmas eve. each day has special discounts and you can get additional deals by text message. when all is said and done, every toys "r" us store in the nation will have been opened for eight hours straight. the census bureau released its official count of the u.s. population. it relaxed the lowest growth nationwide since the great depression. the numbers determine how many seats each state gets in congress. california will remain unchanged. the census indicates that more than 37 million people now call california home, that is an increase of 10%. nonetheless california will not
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receive any additional seats in the house of representatives but some states will win or lose seats. carol han reports on the political impact of this changing population. >> reporter: here is a big reveal, the size of the country's population. it could mean trouble for democrats because where our country grew the most the past decade is in the south in republican leaning states. >> gop heavy states will now be getting more seats in congress and more electoral votes. in fact, if you were to take the 2008 election results and run them against the new population breakdown, president obama would lose. >> not enough to lose the election but make it a little more difficult. >> reporter: difficulties for democrats are not confined to washington. state lawmakers will use the census data to redraw congressional districts. because more republicans controlled the state house,
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they are a stronger position to redraw those boundaries to benefit the gop. >> they will slug it out and try to angle for an advantage or disadvantage. >> reporter: do not count out the democrats. state data released next year could show big population growth in hispanic areas which tend to be democratic. >> there may be democrats back and take control. >> reporter: even though we are not adding a congressional seat, california still holds the title of the nation's largest state and with 55 electoral votes, experts say they still have our share of political clout. announced today the u.s. birth rate for teenage mothers has hit an all-time low. the centers. the centers for disease control says last year there were $39 for every 1000 girls aged 15 to 19. that is down 6%. it is also the lowest level
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since the survey has been conducted. the university of connecticut women's basketball team holds the longest streak for any basketball team, women's or men's. they won their 11th straight game tonight. that breaks the old mark that had stood since $1974 set by the ucla men's team. the last time they lost was in 20008 to stanford. a seasonal celebration for some zoo animals today. we will explain how some lucky bears went polar. another round of rain is moving to the bay area. bill martin is here to tell us when to expect it.
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>> a sixth straight day of rain is bringing more misery to southern california. in san diego two homes were evacuated when a creek and flood channel overflowed. also today a miner mudslide shut down a road in la jolla. they really are getting it bad. we are in for some great overnight.
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>> it is coming onshore right now. we are getting some heavy rain right along the coast. let's go outside and i will show you what we have. uc near pescadero -- you see near pescadero, the showers are starting to move onshore. this will bring showers and a chance for thunder showers, wind and snow to the mountains. you can see the back edge of it. that means the thing is winding down. there is a lot of energy writing here. when this last part gets here, there are some stronger dynamics. we should experience a chance for thunder showers, heavy rain, and maybe even hail. by 11:00, we will have rain throughout much of the bay
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area. by 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning it will be heavy as that last bit pushes through. in the mountains, you may have a winter storm warning. if you are not leaving for the mountains, you may want to wait until later tomorrow morning. if that goes east, it will do some damage in terms of snowfall. at 2:00 a.m., out here is where the most action is. then the storm kind of moves through. between now and 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning, that is the event. there you have it. your forecast highs tomorrow's in the 50s. maybe a sprinkle tomorrow but overall drying until saturday. the polar bears at the san
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francisco zoo got a taste for snow. they showered the polar bear enclosure with 10 tons of powdered ice. that is going to do it for us tonight. i am heather holmes. our coverage continues online on and with the 10:00 news. "tmz" is up next.
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